Fellow members, 

We have already heard back from many of you wishing to respond to Mitch’s message. If you replied to our email, he did not see it. For those who asked for his email address,we needed to check with Mitch to see how he wanted to receive your messages.Since he is no longer using his work email address and he isn’t on facebook he has graciously recommended contacting him directly through his personal email address m.savino3123@gmail.com.

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions Mitch will be waking out of the Academy this Friday after 40 years with no handshakes, hugs or fanfare.  Please feel free to reach out to him and show your appreciation.
In appreciation of your support, 

With appreciation of your support,

 Kevin O’Hare- President
 Debbie Grayer- Corresponding Secretary
 Suffolk County Civilians’ Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

Debbie Grayer – Corresponding SecretarySuffolk County Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

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