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In attendance representing SCCPAAA was Lou Giudice.

June 2024 had 710 crimes, down from 719 last year for the same period.
These crimes included:

  • 0 Homicide
  • 9 Aggravated Assaults
  • 7 Burglaries (4 Residential, 3 Commercial)
  • 0 Robberies
  • 5 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 0 Trigger Pulls (0 Victim Shot) out of (3 recorded gun crimes)
  • compared to June 2023, when we had 0 Trigger Pull (0 Victim Shot) out of (1 recorded gun crime)

There were 184 arrests on 249 charges in June including:

  • 6 Assaults
  • 7 Burglaries
  • 44 Drugs
  • 0 Robbery

June had 9 drug overdoses with 1 fatality,
compared with June 2023 with 30 overdoses and 1 fatality.

June had 666 motor vehicle crashes compared to June 2023 with 525 crashes, up 26.9%.

  • 4 SPI/fatal
  • 60 leaving the scene
  • 4 DWI related

There were 14 arrests for DWI with 24 charges.

Officers wrote 2069 tickets.
Highway Bureau SITE Unit issued an additional 151 tickets.

Reported by Lou Giudice

In attendance representing SCCPAAA was Lou Giudice.

May 2024 had 656 crimes, up from 489 last year for the same period.
These crimes included:

  • 0 Homicide
  • 8 Aggravated Assaults
  • 3 Burglaries (2 Residential, 1 Commercial)
  • 0 Robberies
  • 6 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 3 Trigger Pulls (1 Victim Shot) out of (3 recorded gun crimes)
  • compared to May 2023, when we had 1 Trigger Pull (1 Victim Shot)

There were 204 arrests on 278 charges in May including:

  • 12 Assaults
  • 2 Burglaries
  • 40 Drugs
  • 1 Robbery

May had 15 drug overdoses with 4 fatalities,
compared with May 2023 with 24 overdoses and 3 fatalities.

May had 643 motor vehicle crashes compared to May 2023 with 584 crashes, up 10.1%.

  • 3 SPI/fatal
  • 61 leaving the scene
  • 4 DWI related

There were 30 arrests for DWI with 43 charges.

Officers wrote 2423 tickets.
Highway Bureau SITE Unit issued an additional 175 tickets.

Reported by Lou Giudice

4th precinct Inspector Regina ran tonight’s meeting.

SCCPAAA President Kevin O’Hare, board members Jay Jost, Lauri Murphy, Robert Murphy and Rich Perez were in attendance

Tonight’s speaker was Detective James Pase of the Suffolk County Arson Squad who gave a presentation on the squad. It as a very interesting and informative presentation. We learned about the daily operation of the arson squad. Detective Pase described the degrees of arson, fire investigation and evidence collection.

At the conclusion of the presentation the Inspector reviewed with the residents the police activity in the precinct during the previous month.

Among the incidents discussed:

Based on an investigation that began with a crime stoppers tip Police executed a search warrant on Blythe Road in Ronkonkoma. A large quantity of drugs and weapons were recovered.

A special enforcement effort in April by the 4th precinct and highway patrol section resulted in 118 UTTs, 109 moving violations and 9 non-moving violations being issued. 

3rd precinct officers made an arrest on May 14th for an assault of a 79 year old victim at Costco in Commack. Robert Whittaker was charged with assault 2nd degree.

Multiple incidents of antisemitism occurred in the precinct during the month of May.

It was determined that the same individual was responsible for all the incidents. The suspect was located at his residence and was evaluated by the mobile crisis team He was transported to Stony Brook CPEP for a mental health evaluation.

St. Catherine’s hospital presented the 4th precinct with a plaque of appreciation during police week.

Three commercial burglaries occurred in the precinct in May.  Again police believe one individual is responsible for all of the break ins. 

In response to community complaints a raid was conducted at Crystal Spa in Ronkonkoma. Two employees were arrested for unauthorized practice of a profession and prostitution. The Town of Islip closed the business.

Upon investigation by 4th squad detectives an arrest for public lewdness was made regarding an incident occurring on April 22nd.

Police conducted Operation Smokehouse in May which resulted in numerous violations and arrests.

Major case detectives arrested two individuals on May 30th for three attempted robberies of postal keys from U.S. Postal Workers on two residential blocks in Smithtown.

A fatal motor vehicle crash occurred on May 31st on Main Street just west of Terry Road in Smithtown. A motorcycle was eastbound on Main Street and apparently lost control. 

An individual suffered gunshot wounds on May 31st in the parking lot of Jake’s 58 Casino.  4th squad detectives responded and are handling the investigation.

The next 4th Precinct community meeting will be held at the Commack branch of the Smithtown Library on September 3rd at 7PM.

Thanks to Robert Murphy for this report.

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major May 2024 statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on June 6, 2024:

416 arrests;

4 commercial burglaries;

2 residential burglaries;

0 robberies;

525 car crashes with 64 leaving the scene; 1 fatality;

8 stolen vehicles with 3 for unauthorized use; and

3 shootings, 2 resulting in arrests.

Deputy Inspector Paul Hyland, the 1st Precinct Executive Officer, made the presentation.

Here are the notable comments:

Violent crime is down approximately 30% in the Precinct thus far this year.  

Inspector Hyland said that there are target locations in the Precinct based on current statistics.  One such target resulted with the recovery of a large amount of illegal drugs and a handgun being seized.  One officer was injured in the operation.

Two officers from the Behavioral Health Unit stated that the team is now three years old and has handled 800 cases since its inception.  The unit gets involved in mental health issues from the very initial call and works with Family Service League to help individuals get needed treatment.  The 24-hour DASH (Diagnostic, Assessment, and Stabilization Hub) phone number is 631-952-3333.

The date of the next community meeting will be announced in the near future.  All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper

1st Precinct Coordinator