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Deputy Inspector D’Agostino presided.

559 crimes were reported in the precinct for May 2022.

Last year during the same period there were 574 crimes reported.

This is a decrease of 2.6% for the month of May.


  • 2 Homicides
  • 10 Aggravated Assaults
  • 3 Burglaries
    • 2 residential
    • 1 commercial
  • 1 Robbery
  • 8 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 3 reported trigger pulls (2 victims shot)


There were 248 arrests covering 356 charges, including 8 assaults, 2 burglaries, 59 drug, 4 robberies, 17 DWIs(23 charges).


6 fatal as compared to 5 fatal in May 2021.

18 non-fatal as compared to 20 in May 2021.


517 crashes this period (1 fatal) as compared to 577 crashes in May 2021.

27 of these crashes involved leaving the scene and 6 were DWI related.

Officers wrote 1,753tickets in May 2022.

The ATV multiple agency task force has been active in curbing illegal, unregistered ATV activity.


CT 22-01 Catalytic Converters from Vehicles

The SCPD is investigating a crime trend including a significant number of catalytic converters being cut off of vehicles throughout the County. These incidents have taken place in all SCPD Precincts. Incidents have occurred at residential and commercial locations and have targeted both single vehicles and large commercial fleets. (Includes arrest of 2 subjects in the 6th Precinct).

CP 22-05 Smash & Grab Burglaries – Subject Wearing Unique Jacket

The SCPD is investigating 11 commercial burglaries where a subject throws a rock/stone through the front glass door and pries open the cash register. In most incidents, the subject can be observed wearing a thermal style jacket, a possible home-made white face covering, hiking style boots and gloves with a reflective strip on the top facing side of the hand. It is to be noted that multiple spotted stains and markings are visible on the subject’s jacket as seen on night vision camera footage. 5 incidents occurred on 4/2/22. No arrests as of this date.

CP 22-04 Pharmacy Smash & Grab Burglaries – Prescription Proceeds

The SCPD is investigating a series of pharmacy burglaries throughout the county. The burglaries occured in Dix Hills, Deer Park, Mt. Sanai, Commack and Ronkonkoma – with two January incidents occurring within 30 minutes of one another. All incidents include two males entering the establishment, and one getaway driver. Incidents have occurred during the weekdays between 0400 – 0700 hours. No arrests as of this date.

CP 22-02 Commercial Burglaries – Pried Entry

The SCPD is investigating 9 commercial burglaries primarily on the north shore. The suspect typically pries open the rear door, removes cash from the office/register area, removes the surveillance video and/or damages the surveillance system. In several incidents the suspect poured bleach or a liquid substance to damage evidence. Several cases appear similar to burglaries included on CP 20-04. The majority of incidents have occurred during the overnight hours between Sunday to Monday. Several cases have occurred at businesses located off of Jericho Tpke within the 2nd & 4th Pcts and North Country Rd/Rt 25A in the 4th and 6th Pct. No arrests to date.

CP 22-01 Smash & Grab Burglaries – Fast Food Establishments

The SCPD is investigating 10 smash and grab burglaries where the subject breaks the glass door/window with a rock or brick. The subject targets the register area, sometimes climbs over the counter and removes the register drawers. Several Dunkin Donut locations have been targeted. No arrests to date.

Submitted by Lou Giudice

4th precinct Inspector Regina ran the meeting.

The guest speaker for the evening was Captain Dominici of the MTA Police. It is a bi-state law enforcement agency covering 14 counties with over 1100 officers. The Captain explained the numerous diciplines within the department and noted that they will be conducting a recruiting effort in September 2022.

Inspector Regina noted that the precinct again has seen a slight downturn in car thefts. He again urged residents not to leave their key fobs or valuables in their cars and to lock your car doors. All of the incidents in the precinct have involved unlocked cars with the keyfob left inside. Commercial burglaries have also fallen off.

The ongoing car gatherings in the precinct were again addressed. The Inspector stated that it continues to be a difficult task although there have been arrests including 2 individuals from out of state. He also noted this is a widespread problem in most of the precincts.

The precinct is still dedicating numerous resources in order to alleviate this situation.

The issue of loud music at night was addressed. Many residents explained that the music was emanating from the park and ride as well as the industrial park. The residents stated that the noise travels a very far distance and is very disturbing. The inspector made note of all the input of the residents and said that the situation will be investigated.

The next community meeting will be held in September. No meetings are scheduled for July and August.

Thanks to Bob and Lauri Murphy

The meeting started with a presentation by a captain of the MTA police who reviewed how they work in concert with SCPD and most calls involve quality of life issues at train stations and lost and stolen items. He went over the “ if you see something, say something.”
Another presentation was given by the Sargent of the Highway Site team. This is a group of 8 officers who deal with ticketing speeders based on accident data and speed studies conducted in all 7 Pct in Suffolk county. They have been actively patrolling the William Floyd Parkway and issued 476 speeding tickets last month in that road. They utilize all unmarked cars. 
7th PCT information was then discussed as follows:
Crime is up 27 percent YTD and violent crime is down 20 percent YTD. The biggest area causing the increase is property crimes. There is an increase in stolen cars and car breakins. 90 percent of these cases involve unlock cars. Also luxury cars have side mirrors that retract when the FOB is taken out of car. Thief’s look for these cars so that can identify when the FOB is in the car.
A number of arrests have been made recently for these types of crimes and the individuals are teens from NYC and New Jersey .
Crashes for the month was 181 vs 254 last year. There was 1 fatality which was a motorcycle just south of the Rocky Point High School on county road 21.
There were 14 DWI arrests and 943 tickets issued in the PCT. 
A total of 336 crimes were reported with 4 robberies and 6 burglaries. The burglaries are mainly at vacant homes or homes for sale that are empty. 
YTD there has been 17 confiscated Quads and ATVs 

Highlighted activity this month in the 7th PCT:

  • Found a lost family in the Manorville trails after their GPS failed.
  • Rescued 3 dogs from a house fire in Mastic Beach
  • Large fireworks bust on the reservation in Mastic 

The 7th PCT will be the first PCT to receive body cameras for all police officers starting in July.


Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major May 2022 monthly statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on June 2, 2022:

353 arrests;

2 residential and 8 commercial burglaries;

13 stolen cars;

3 robberies;

4 shootings, non-fatal;

9 DWIs;

32 drug arrests; and

1 search warrant executed.

Stolen cars continue to be a major problem in the Town of Babylon. As a reminder, be sure to safeguard your car keys.

On May 10, 2022 there was an unusual event as a female held up a Deer Park beauty salon. A quick arrest was made in the case.

Inspector Kevin Kane, the precinct commanding officer, made the presentation.

The next meeting at the West Babylon Public Library is August 4, 2022 at 7 PM. All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator