Bob and Lauri Murphy are the SCCPAAA coordinators for the Suffolk County’s 4th Precinct.

On Tuesday, September 14th, 2021, they attended the 4th Precinct Community Police meeting at the Nesconset library.

Their report:

I’m sorry I didn’t get the police officers name who spoke about the personnel  changes in the department. A large amount of police personal retired. There are currently two graduating classes and they plan on having another one next year.
Car thefts are on the increase as people leave their car fobs in their cars.
Drug related arrests have remained the same.
Gun violence increased slightly.
Traffic accidents increased slightly as people don’t adhere to Stop sign rules.
Car racing is in the rise. The meeting place for car racing is usually at Park and Rides.
More Bias training is scheduled to take place.

Cope Officer Susan LaViglia spoke about “Scammers”.
Susan stated don’t pick up the phone unless you absolutely know who’s calling. Scammers can use your voice to withdraw money from your bank account. Scammers have numerous ways of conning people going as far as using local phone numbers to obtain information.

Thank you
Lauri Murphy

Thank you Lauri and Bob.

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