Fellow members, 

Congratulations on volunteering as precinct coordinators!

Many of you are new in this role and some of you have been active for quite some time. Recently, due to cancelled meetings on both our part and the precincts’ part, no information was being shared. We’re all a little rusty. So what exactly did you sign up for? Let’s go over what’s expected- – We ask that you attend your precinct’s monthly community meeting and take note of what you think our members would want to hear about – crime rate statistics, trends in violence, hate crimes, local issues, etc?  While you’re there, fill in the brochures (English and Spanish), introduce yourself and feel free to recruit anyone interested or have them inquire on our website for more information. Use your business cards. Coordinators and their alternates can both attend and report, take turns – whatever  works best for you.- Email a paragraph or two (bulleted is fine) to our Webmaster Lou Giudice (webmaster@sccpaaa.org)  and our Recording Secretary Erin King (irisheyes126@optonline.net).- Report back to the members attending the following general membership meeting. It doesn’t need to be formal, just a brief idea of what’s going on. 

We currently have at least one coordinator for each precinct but we still have two open alternate positions for precincts 1 and 5. We want you to have a back-up plan in case something comes up and you’re not available to attend a meeting. If you know someone who might be interested please let us know.


1st Precinct  – Justin Cooper/open

2nd Precinct – Dick Holmes/ Mark Firzgerald

3rd Precinct – Mike Aziz/ John Callori

4th Precinct – Lauri Murphy/ Bob Murphy

5th Precinct – Beth Santagata/ open

6th Precinct – Rebecca Darmarin/ Lou Giudice

7th Precinct – Nicole Dionne-Kehlenbeck/ Bill Todd

We are trying to make sure that you all have business cards and supplies in case you need them. Please respond and let me know where you stand. I will be providing you with a precinct listing with meeting dates at this upcoming meeting. Do you need-Business cards? Brochures (English)? Brochures (Spanish)? Academy class applications? (now on our Website)
We are trying very hard to give you what you need. Any suggestions or questions, please ask. Thanks again for volunteering.

With appreciation of your support,

Kevin O’Hare – President

Debbie Grayer – Corresponding Secretary

Suffolk County Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

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