The meeting started with a presentation by a captain of the MTA police who reviewed how they work in concert with SCPD and most calls involve quality of life issues at train stations and lost and stolen items. He went over the “ if you see something, say something.”
Another presentation was given by the Sargent of the Highway Site team. This is a group of 8 officers who deal with ticketing speeders based on accident data and speed studies conducted in all 7 Pct in Suffolk county. They have been actively patrolling the William Floyd Parkway and issued 476 speeding tickets last month in that road. They utilize all unmarked cars. 
7th PCT information was then discussed as follows:
Crime is up 27 percent YTD and violent crime is down 20 percent YTD. The biggest area causing the increase is property crimes. There is an increase in stolen cars and car breakins. 90 percent of these cases involve unlock cars. Also luxury cars have side mirrors that retract when the FOB is taken out of car. Thief’s look for these cars so that can identify when the FOB is in the car.
A number of arrests have been made recently for these types of crimes and the individuals are teens from NYC and New Jersey .
Crashes for the month was 181 vs 254 last year. There was 1 fatality which was a motorcycle just south of the Rocky Point High School on county road 21.
There were 14 DWI arrests and 943 tickets issued in the PCT. 
A total of 336 crimes were reported with 4 robberies and 6 burglaries. The burglaries are mainly at vacant homes or homes for sale that are empty. 
YTD there has been 17 confiscated Quads and ATVs 

Highlighted activity this month in the 7th PCT:

  • Found a lost family in the Manorville trails after their GPS failed.
  • Rescued 3 dogs from a house fire in Mastic Beach
  • Large fireworks bust on the reservation in Mastic 

The 7th PCT will be the first PCT to receive body cameras for all police officers starting in July.


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