4th precinct Inspector Regina ran the meeting.

The guest speaker for the evening was Captain Dominici of the MTA Police. It is a bi-state law enforcement agency covering 14 counties with over 1100 officers. The Captain explained the numerous diciplines within the department and noted that they will be conducting a recruiting effort in September 2022.

Inspector Regina noted that the precinct again has seen a slight downturn in car thefts. He again urged residents not to leave their key fobs or valuables in their cars and to lock your car doors. All of the incidents in the precinct have involved unlocked cars with the keyfob left inside. Commercial burglaries have also fallen off.

The ongoing car gatherings in the precinct were again addressed. The Inspector stated that it continues to be a difficult task although there have been arrests including 2 individuals from out of state. He also noted this is a widespread problem in most of the precincts.

The precinct is still dedicating numerous resources in order to alleviate this situation.

The issue of loud music at night was addressed. Many residents explained that the music was emanating from the park and ride as well as the industrial park. The residents stated that the noise travels a very far distance and is very disturbing. The inspector made note of all the input of the residents and said that the situation will be investigated.

The next community meeting will be held in September. No meetings are scheduled for July and August.

Thanks to Bob and Lauri Murphy

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