5th Precinct Crime Statistics:

Robbery’s are up this year (18) from last year (13) YTD. 

One Robbery was the Stop and Shop in Holbrook on 10/29/23 

Residential Robbery’s are the same YTD from Last Year (31)

Commercial Robbery’s are Down this year (47) from Last year (79)

Larceny’s (except from Motor Vehicles are lower this year (1608) from Last Year (1743)

Robbery’s of Motor vehicles are lower this year (157) from last year (174)

Warnings about Mail theft during the Holiday Season and how to prevent: 

  • Drop off your mail during pick up time 
  • Do not deposit your mail on weekends or holidays
  • Use a Pen with permanent ink to prevent alterations on your check 
  • Frequently review your blank account and images of canceled checks to ensure that the payment reached the beneficiary unchanged.
  • Give the mail directly to the postman or place the mail in the box inside the post office

TikTok Challenge:

  • Kia’s and Hyundai’s are able to be stolen with a USB. As shown on Tik Tok. Go to the Dealer to get the free fix if you own those models within the time frame. 
  • Kick down Door Challenge, kids going up to random doors and kicking them in, causing damage

Set up a 9 PM Routine:

  • Lock Car Doors
  • Lock Garage Doors
  • Lock Front Door
  • Activate house Alarm
  • Remove Personal Items from Vehicle

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim

Social Media:

 Instagram – @scpd5thprecinct

Twitter (X) @SCPD5thPrecinct

Events Coming up:

Monday December 4th –   Coffee with a Cop 3 to 5PM  La Roma Pastry Shop in Oakdale

Tuesday December 5th – Fifth Precinct Menorah and Tree Lighting at 6PM 125 Waverly Ave, Patchogue. 

Tuesday December12th  – Fifth Precinct Community Meeting at 7PM Patchogue-Medford Library

Beth Santagata

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