March 4, 2014

Presiding:  Inspector Brown, Sergeant Welsheimer, P.O. from the Crime Section

Officials attending: Steve Flotteron, John Carney, Jason Mistretta, Tom Cilmi

New business from last month
1- The precinct has been active with making under-age drinking checks. Two such sweeps have been made this year. Twenty-nine places were checked on January 31, and nine of those were not in compliance. The checks will continue.
Appearance tickets are usually issued, and are returnable to district court.
2- There were 6 bank robberies in the month of Feb.
3- Parents were arrested in C.I. for leaving their children alone, at home, for six days.  The children have been placed with relatives.
4- There was a shooting on Sycamore Dr., with two men firing at each other, allegedly over a woman. One man was shot in the stomach. No arrests were made due to lack of cooperation from the victim.
5- There was an armed robbery at a pharmacy in East Islip. Drugs were taken. Nobody was injured. This doesn’t fit as a “pattern” crime. The police are working some possible leads.
6- There was a forcible rape on Grouse Dr., in Brentwood, on 2/13, 2014 at 9:00 P.M.. Police are looking for a Hispanic male suspect. A flier was distributed at the meeting. Police are asking that anyone with any information to call Detective Petro of the Third Squad at 854-8345.  Reference CC#14-197627.
7- There was a shooting at a bar in the shopping area of Lowell and Connetquot, resulting in a leg wound to an E. Patchogue patron. A subsequent SLA check at the bar resulted in the arrest of two bartenders, and a citation for an unlicensed security guard.  John Carney stated that four code violations were issued at the location.  Inspector Brown asked for phone calls from residents and citizen groups reporting any suspect activity at the location.

Last month’s citizen concerns:
1- Inre: Lowell Ave, CI, and public drinking. Two arrests for outstanding warrants were made, multiple summonses were issued.
2- Inre: Cherry St., CI, and alleged drug sales at an unoccupied home. The building is now secured, and there is no sign of squatters.
3- Inre: East Elm St., CI, and illegal renters in a foreclosed home. Inspector Brown said that there are squatters in the house.  He said that a number of similar cases have been seen where unauthorized people are renting out homes they do not own.  He said that the actual owner of the home, in these cases, must use the courts to evict the tenants.
4- Inre: The traffic signals at Commack/Lake/Romaine, in Islip. Islip Town is doing a survey to see if any addition signage will help this intersection.

New citizen concerns:
1- A West Islip resident asked about recent burglaries, and are they pattern crimes?  Inspector Brown said that there have been no similar crimes in nearby areas. Police have been looking for a pickup truck, with two occupants, that was noticed in the area of the crimes. The Third Squad is investigating. There have been traffic stops of similar trucks. The police request an immediate call if any citizen can get a license plate number of the suspect vehicle.
The citizen asked if it is legal to install a security camera that is directed towards the street. He was told that it is legal, provided that the camera is not able to “see” into a neighbor’s house.
2- An EI resident asked about helicopters over the neighborhood. The possible reasons for the helicopter traffic were explained.
3- An EI resident asked about patrol cars missing on the over-night shift. It was explained that all areas are constantly covered by adjacent sector cars. Inspector Brown offered more specific information after the meeting.
Inspector Brown also mentioned upcoming improvements in communications during the busiest times of the week, which is during the evening rush “hour”, particularly on Tuesdays.
4- A north Great River citizen asked about a rash of car robberies on Bellmore Ave., regarding cars being broken into for their contents. Inspector Brown was unaware of any calls to the police about “smash and grabs” in the area.  Another citizen said that he heard that there was supposed to be thefts from some unlocked vehicles, in the neighborhood.
5- A citizen asked about a bar on Clarke St., in Brentwood, that had been reported before. The citizen had previously complained about windows at the business being covered over.  It was explained that due to a change in the law, this is no longer illegal. However, an SLA check was done at the location, with no violations discovered.
6- A citizen asked about a car vs train incident on Pineaire Dr, Brentwood, and said the car was still at the location. John Carney said that the DPW would check the site in the morning.
7- A resident from Blue Jay Drive, Brentwood, thanked the police for helping the neighborhood combat crime. A new complaint was made regarding bodegas in the area becoming bars, after 10:00 PM, specifically around Suffolk Ave., and Fifth. The police will check this.
The citizen also asked about the increase in heroin use, and what is being done. He also asked about any connection to local use, and the media-reported arrests in Riverhead.  The Inspector discussed how distribution networks typically work.
8- A citizen asked about a home on North Spur Dr., that was reported previously. That complaint resulted in an arrest. He reported that undesirable elements have returned to the location. He was advised that the police are still actively monitoring the house.
9- A citizen representing Islip Food For Hope, said that their organization collects food for distribution to the poor, and funds to pay for food for the poor. She announced a ‘Community Picnic”, to be held on May 17th, at Ross Park. The picnic starts at noon, and all are welcome. The poor will not be charged for the event. Guests are asked to bring non-perishable food items for donation.
10- Dr. Rachman, a Suffolk County Human Right Commissioner addressed the meeting about safeguarding our children from forced prostitution and gun violence.
11- A citizen announced an upcoming meeting held by Islip KIC, (Keep Islip Clean), to be held at the Islip Public Library, on Thursday, March 20th.  Representatives of all community groups were invited to attend to discuss what they and KIC can do to keep our neighborhoods clean.
12- A citizen complained that tow truck drivers at accident scenes are not cleaning up debris properly.  Inspector Brown will remind his officers to make sure the tow operators do their jobs.

February 4, 2014

Inspector Brown introduced his new second-in-command Deputy Inspector Chris Hatton, from the Marine Bureau. He replaces D.I. Tom Napoli, who has been transferred to the Technical Services Bureau.

Old Business:
Arrests have been made in the robberies of several nail salons; one male and one female.
Jan. 11 (after midnight) –  A slashing occurred at Mi Encanto in C.I. An arrest was made.
The Crime Section, using an undercover operation to target businesses selling alcohol and tobacco to minors, has charged 6 individuals with tobacco sales and 8 individuals with selling alcohol.
Reports of parties that had the potential to get out of control were defused prior to the fact when officers informed the adult homeowners.
Jan. 7 – A Medford couple was arrested for a series of robberies that targeted several local businesses.
Bank robberies, which occurred on Jan. 11 and Jan. 14, lead to an arrest.
There were 5 arrests (4 male, 1 female) for a string of home burglaries, as well as the burglary at an impound yard.
Responding to a question of an ambulance on Arcadia Dr. in W.I. , it was reported that there was an illness.
The signage at the traffic light at Commack Rd. and Lake  St. was discussed.
211 Crooked Hill Rd., Brentwood – A complaint of cars parked on the sidewalk has yielded 5 tickets being issued.

New Business:
Lowell Ave., C.I. – Complaints of public drinking, congregating at the Deli and Laundromat.
14 Cherry St., C.I. – Complaint that an abandoned house was being occupied and that drug sales were alleged.
35 E. Elm St., C.I. – Illegal renters in a bank-owned home. A resident asked if there was a program that would allow these homes to be purchased and refurbished so that property values would improve. She was told to attend a community meeting that would address her concerns.
Magali Roman, from the River of Life Church on Pine Aire Dr., asked that people who knew of homeless individuals contact the church so they can assist in finding them shelter.
Jason Mistretta reported that, after a warning, the Town would be ticketing/towing cars that are left on the street during snow emergencies.
Inspector Brown reported that drivers were being advised that failure to clear their cars completely of ice and snow was a violation of state law.

December 3, 2013

Presiding: Inspector Robert Brown, Deputy Inspector Thomas Napoli, Lt. Frank Leotta
Islip Town officials attending: Jason Mistretta, Islip Fire Marshalls

New Business and last month’s citizen concerns:
1- A presentation was given by P.O. Terry Buckley, from Recruitment/ Community Response Bureau, regarding recruitment and the upcoming test for the police department.  The test will be given in June, 2015.  Online enrollment for the test begins June, 2014. He urged everyone interested to sign-up, even those, (like him in the past), who do not think they have a chance. The test is open to those between 19 and 34 years of age. He suggested checking for updates at, and SCPD Recruitment on Facebook.
2- At last month’s meeting at the West Islip Library, there were several similar reports of suspected drug dealing at several different locations.  The precinct did patrol checks at these locations, but noted no suspicious activity. D.I. Napoli asked for more specific information regarding day, time of day, etc.  He also suggested that citizens try to note patterns in what they see, (i.e. usually occurs Saturday nights, between 8 and 12 PM).
3- A citizen reported that after the police patrols noted above, the suspicious activities ended on Acadia Dr., W. Islip.
4- Inre: Hackmatac St, Central Islip; the suspicious house reported has been boarded up.
5- Inre: the Olympic Hotel and the Wingate, Brentwood, and frequent police activity.  Most of the calls to this location are either domestic abuse complaints, or aided calls, (need medical assistance).
6- Inre: The Brentwood “park and ride” and drug dealing activity. The area is under regular surveillance by marked and unmarked cars.  Arrests have been made.
7-  Regarding Spur Drive, North, Brentwood, and a complaint of an adult verbally abusing children.  The original complainant said that the adult is no longer at the house, but the house is a scene of ongoing drug activity between Thursday and Sunday. It usually involves the same vehicles. A recent arrest was made. The police will continue checking the location.
8- Inre: the IGA shopping center in Brentwood, and drinking by the liquor store garbage dumpsters.  The police have issued several summonses for “open containers”.
9- Inre; Kime Ave., W.Islip, and squatters in vacant home.  The police need a more specific address.
10- Regarding Freeman Ave., Islip, and “off-roaders” illegally using the property. After a recent call, the police found no ATV’s but ticketed a pickup truck found at the location.
11- Inre: a deli on Suffolk Ave., Brentwood, with a pool table in the backroom, and underage drinking. The police will check.
12- Inre A house on Wilson Blvd. C.I., and suspected drug dealing.  The police advise that the property owner has been cited, in the past, and didn’t appear in court. An arrest warrant was issued for him for failing to appear. Jason Mistretta said that an Islip building Inspector was there Nov. 3.
13- Inre: Hewlett School on Suffolk La., East Islip, and vagrants inhabiting the building.  The police suspect that it is children that have been going into the building, and they will check the location more, in the future.

New citizen concerns:
1- A citizen commented that we have the best looking, and fittest police officers she has ever seen.
2- A citizen congratulated the police for their driving skills regarding the fire on Wisconsin Street, and for controlling traffic at a very active scene.
3- A citizen complained about a private club on Clark Street, North Brentwood,  prostitution and public drinking.
4- A citizen asked if a dead body was found in the vicinity of the IGA Market in West Islip.  D.I. Napoli said that this possibly was a homeless person, but no criminality was involved.
5- A citizen asked if there was a drug bust at the Wingate Hotel, Brentwood, regarding “cooking cocaine into crack?”  The answer was no.  The location is known for temporarily housing victims of abuse, and almost all police calls to the place are for domestic abuse, and related ambulance calls.
6- A citizen complained about a new family of renters on Tree St., C.I., and huge, all-night tent parties.  The police will check.
7- A citizen asked about the arrest of a suspect in the Kyle Underhill murder.  Specifically as to whether the District Attorney was prepared to proceed with the trial on the strength of the evidence already gathered. The answer was yes.
8- A citizen asked about the recent reports of gunfire at a residence on Woodland, in East Islip.  The answer was that in the early stages of investigation, this seems to have been a burglary attempt. A resident of the home confronted the strangers, and was fired upon. The resident fired back. The police asked for any and all information from possible witnesses to the matter.
9- A citizen from Leaf Ave. commented on the importance of everyone showing pride in their community.
10- A West Islip citizen asked about a possible meeting with COPE officers regarding the upswing in burglaries in the area. Inspector Brown said that there was a meeting on this issue at Legislator Tom Barraga’s office a few days after the November meeting. And that the gentleman who originally asked for the meeting with the COPE unit had said a meeting was not needed now.  The citizen was not aware that a meeting was already held.
11- A Brentwood citizen complained about suspicious activity regarding vehicles in the vicinity of the firehouse on Broadway.  The police have been called in the past for this, and for vandalism to the citizen’s house wiring. The citizen was asked to stay after the meeting to give more particulars.
12- A citizen complained about speeding in Brentwood on Blue Jay, Dyson, and Chapelhill. He said the speeding occurs Monday through Saturday, and between 2 and 6 PM.
13- A citizen complained about students jaywalking while leaving the Central Islip High School at Wheeler and Gallo.  The Inspector was aware of the problem, and stated that a crossing guard was assigned there on a temporary basis just recently.
14- A Central Islip citizen complained about what appeared to him to be a gang initiation beating of one boy, by a group of other boys, on Lace Lane.
15- A Central Islip citizen complained about vehicles speeding on Wheeler Road, and using the center turn lane as a passing lane. He feared for student safety.  The Inspector said he was aware of the problem on both Wheeler Road, and Washington Ave., Brentwood, and the police are monitoring both.  A citizen suggested that PO Tracy might make a PA announcement at the school, warning the students about keeping safe while crossing the busy road. Inspector Brown thought this was an excellent idea.
16- A citizen from Sunnybrook Court in Bay Shore said that things were much better in her neighborhood, since the citizen made her initial concerns known, some time ago.  But the citizen has seen a suspicious vehicle parked in the area. The Inspector said the by the description given, the suspicious vehicle was his own unmarked car.  He was there the day before the meeting, and the neighborhood is a regular patrol check location.

October 1, 2013

Presiding: Inspector Robert Brown
Islip Town officials attending: Steve Flotteron, Jason Mistretta

Inspector Brown – the location of future meetings is not settled yet, but there will be an early NIXLE alert when the location of the November meeting has been decided.

New business from September
1- Fatal crash at Lowell and Atlantic, Central Islip, driver is 19 years old, 18 year passenger killed. No criminality involved.
2- In East Islip there were two reported instances of a female student being followed by a man in a red box truck. A police investigation showed that the reports were falsely made by a 12 year old.  But another, similar, incident was reported soon after, by a 16 year old female student being followed, and an arrest of a 54 year old male was made the following day after a police stake-out at the bus stop location.
3- During a traffic stop at Commercial and Drake, Brentwood, the COPE officer saw a handgun on the floor of the car. While speaking with the driver, the driver aimed a laser-sighted Tazer at the officer, activating the lazer sights, making a “deadly force situation”.  The officer was able to make the arrest without further incident. The handgun was found to be loaded, and the driver had a lengthy arrest record.
4- There was a shooting in a bar parking lot located on Suffolk Ave., C.I. Two were shot, one in the stomach, one in the foot. No arrest was made.
5- A deceased female was found at the “Birches” complex on South Clinton Ave., Bay Shore.  This is an active investigation with the Homicide Bureau.
6- A pedestrian was hit and killed on Fifth Ave., Brentwood. No criminality was found.
7- A citizen reported someone seen leaving a home on Crooked Hill Rd., Brentwood.  That person was questioned by the police, and charged in three burglaries.
8- At 2 AM, on East Walnut St., C.I., two men kicked in the front door, pistol-whipped and beat a resident.  When the police responded, surrounding the house, one intruder jumped out a second floor window, where he was arrested. The second intruder was arrested in the house.  An inheritance may have been the target of the break-in.
9- Statistics for September: approx. 350 arrests made on approx. 540 charges, (approx. 9 burglaries, 12 unlicensed operator, 39 marijuana possession, 45 minor drug charges, 53 DWI, petit larcenies, 24 harassment, and 13 resisting arrest.

Last month’s citizen concerns:
1- Inre: prostitution seen at Sycamore and Beech, C.I.  Since discussions with the owner and Islip Town, no prostitution has been seen by the police.  The were vagrants seen at the location.  One arrest was made for an open container, and one SLA check was made at the store.
2- Inre: the stop sign at Cone and Apricot, C.I.  The police have been there nine times, and written multiple summonses.  The citizen complainant said that things are much better now.
3- Inre: the undeveloped property on Freeman Ave., Islip.  The owner has made changes to discourage atv’s and fwd trucks.  Summonses have been issued for atv’s, but no trucks were seen.  It was reported by the complainant that chain saws were used to clear access for trucks.  He also stated that a squatter was living by the trash containers at Route 111 and Juniper street.  The complainant stated that the situation was generally much better, with only one recent bonfire seen on the property. The Inspector said that the police were not done there, yet.
4- Inre: The Baytown Village Apartments on N. Clinton Ave., Bay Shore.  The Inspector said that all but one problem apartment has been cleared by eviction, and that apartment is scheduled for eviction in November.
5- Inre: Audwin Dr., Islip Terrace, prostitution and drug dealing suspected. The home is owned by a trust. A person living there was arrested for suspected drug sales.  The neighborhood nuisance was reported to the District Attorney for further action.
6- Inre: Howell’s and Ackerson, Bay Shore, and underage alcohol sales. The police are arranging a “sting” at the location.
7- Inre: Garfield, Bay Shore, and suspected drug and prostitution activity.  Multiple arrests have been made since August. The homeowner has evicted the squatters, and the house is boarded up.
8- Inre: Ackerman St., C.I., and suspected drug sales.  Multiple squatters have been removed from the house. COPE and Islip Town have been working together on the problem. The house has been boarded up. One of those evicted moved to a location on Brightside, and was arrested there.  Area residents at the meeting complained that the activity has only moved to East End, off Ackerman, and drug sales are open and often.  The police will check this out.
9- Inre: Elmore and Carleton Ave. C.I., and people hanging around the restaurant there. The police talked with the manager there. COPE and Islip Town are involved in watching the location, but so far, no criminality has been seen.  The police will continue checking.

New citizen concerns:
1- A citizen asked about a deceased man found in front of Nino’s Bodega.  No information was immediately available.
2- A citizen complained about squatters living in a foreclosed home on Bay Ave., Bay Shore.  He also said that a “rave” that was advertised on Facebook resulted in over 270 people at the location.
3- A citizen complained that the “No right on red” sign at the intersection of North Spur Drive and Commack Road, Bay Shore is being ignored by drivers.
4- Multiple citizens complained about Lowell Ave., C.I., in the five corners vicinity. They stated that due to many arrests, the drug activity has moved to Lace Lane and Tony Place.  They said that the house involved is section 8 housing, and the residents are originally from Brooklyn. They said that there are always at least ten people in the house at all times, and drugs are sold openly.
5- A citizen complained about a residence on Fuller Street, south of Sunrise, Islip, and suspected drug dealing. The citizen said that people knock on their door looking for residents of the home in question. They also complained of illegal room rentals, stolen and abandoned shopping carts.  They said the problem has existed for years.
6- A citizen complained about drug sales at a residence on East Cedar Street. The house is a rental, and for sale.  The Inspector said that the location is known to him, and that at least ten arrests have been made there for openly selling marijuana.
7- Steve Flotteron, Islip Town councilman, spoke to the meeting. He said that Islip town has been working hand and hand with the police, and that homes are being closed/cleaned up as soon as possible.  He said that the Town is prosecuting, and Jason Mistretta has a 100 % conviction rate. He said that there used to be one resolution, to clean up a location, a month.  Now there are three.  (One month there were eleven resolutions passed by the board).  He said that Islip is adding code enforcement agents and fire marshals.  He said the town is discussing adding “meter maids” for parking enforcement.  He also discussed the continuing need for neighbors of nuisance houses to file affidavits with the Town Attorney.
8- A member of a Brentwood community watch group asked about gangs in our community.  The Inspector said that the police have not seen involvement of the newer gangs asked about in prior meetings, and that most activity seen was by the “Bloods”. The exception was the C.I. shootings on Memorial Day, involving MS-13 members.  He said that the local “Bloods” chapter is unique, in that most members are over 30 years old, and are gainfully employed.
9- The Inspector discussed the efforts of the Deputy Commissioner in C.I., to “turn” gang members.
10- A citizen complained about: car sales at 111 and Pear St, with 3 or four unregistered cars in the yard; Apple and Ferndale- the yards of empty houses are being used as garbage dumps.
11- A citizen said that they called 911 to report loud music, and the dispatcher told them to call Islip Town.  Inspector Brown told the citizen to call 911 whenever the noise becomes annoying, as he would rather have his officers talk to the party givers before alcohol consumption becomes a problem. He also that that if the dispatcher said to call the town instead of the police, they were wrong.
12- A citizen asked how many sector cars are in use at night. The Inspector said that 20 of 23 cars are assigned during the overnight shift. But that those three sectors are covered by patrols from adjacent sectors.
13- A citizen complained about the homeless shelter on Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood.  (The location used to be a hotel).  The Inspector said that he is rarely notified in advance when the usage of a location changes, and he must reassess his police patrol needs when he finds out about it.
14- A citizen complained about the response he gets from 911 operators, in regard to asking for an interview and never getting an officer to come to his location.

First Tuesday Meeting @ Islip Library
Sept. 3, 2013

Presiding: Inspector Brown, Deputy Inspector Napoli, Lieut. O’Callahan, P.O. Jiminez

Last month’s citizen concerns- D.I. Napoli
1- Suspected prostitution and drug dealing on Carleton Ave. and Ackerman, C.I.  COPE saturated the area for weeks, resulting in 6 arrests for drugs and prostitution, 10 summonses, and field interviews, (stop, question, frisk).
2- Radcliff and Stahley, Brentwood, loud parties.  No loud parties were found.
3- Inre: Sunnybrook Court Association and the Town Houses at Brook and Rose, Bay Shore; multiple reports of car break-ins, trespass, vandalism.  The precinct has increased patrols, and interviewed residents.  However, no criminal activity was seen by the police.

New business from August- Inspector Brown and D.I. Napoli
Note: Deputy Inspector Napoli pointed out that the following incidents were reported to NIXLE subscribers, prior to this meeting.
1- There were multiple bank robberies in August.
2- There was a stabbing at Bayway and Lincoln Aves., resulting in a fatality. There was a dispute between brothers, and an arrest for manslaughter made.
3- There was a shooting on Pineaire Dr., north Bay Shore.  Five individuals in a vehicle were approached by another man, and a 20 year old in the car was shot in the face with a shotgun.
4- A man was arrested for driving with 69 suspensions on his license. He attempted to flee after giving a false name to an officer, and was placed under arrest.
5- There was a fatal stabbing at El Tenampa Restaurant’s parking lot on Islip Ave.  The investigation is active, no arrests were made.
6- A man was stabbed multiple times at a residence on Patton St., Brentwood.  The victim was taken to the hospital, and is in stable condition.  A suspect was arrested.
7- There was a shooting on 2nd Ave. in Bay Shore. A partygoer at the residence was shot in the foot. No potential witnesses came forward, and the victim is uncooperative. The investigation is continuing
8- Two people were shot on Peach St., Central Islip. One in the ankle, the other in the stomach and leg. Surgery was necessary. The police received no cooperation.  There was a report of a gold or tan SUV, possibly a darker gold 1996 Jeep Cherokee at the scene. The police are asking for help from any witnesses to the shootings, or any information about the vehicle.  The police suspect an association with gang activity.  The police had already been surveilling the area.

New citizen concerns:
1- Inre: the Apricot Shopping Center, in C.I.  A citizen asked about a stabbing on the first, and complained about people hanging about at all hours, and public urination.
2- Inre: the west side of Peach Street, C.I., and people hanging out behind the stores there, and strewing garbage everywhere.  The police have talked with the property owner, and he is not happy with his tenants, either. The police are trying to get the owner to fence the area behind the stores, and they may also try using the health issues involved, in the future.
3- A citizen complained about a lack of obeying the four-way stop signs at Cone and Apricot.  The police will check it out.
4- A citizen complained about the need for more patrols and traffic signage at Spur Dive North, and Ohio St.
5- Inre: vacant lots south of Spur Dr. South, and east of Freeman Ave. in Islip.  A citizen stated that he had made several complaints to the police about ATV and 4X4 activity at all hours of the day and night.  He also reported a homeless “tent city” on the property, with drinking, drug use, and bon fires. The citizen has talked with the property owner, who put up a dirt berm to discourage vehicle use, but the berm was gone within 72 hours.  Inspector Brown said that he knew of the problems to a certain extent, but do not know that adults with full-sized vehicles were involved.  He said that ATV’s are difficult to catch in the act, but licensed vehicles, including tow vehicles, was a different story.  The Inspector promised an energetic response to the citizen’s concerns, including the seizure of offenders’ vehicles.  Suffolk Legislator Tom Cilmi, was at the meeting and has been involved with talks with the property owner, as well, regarding measures the property owner can take to discourage the bad behavior.  Lieutenant O’Callahan will follow this up with her sector cars.  Inspector Brown talked about the tragedy of homeless camps, and mentioned a death of a woman some months ago at one in East Islip.  Her boy friend was found dead the day of this meeting.
6- Inre: The Baytown Village Apartments on N.Clinton Ave., Bay Shore.  Residents reported rampant crime at the location, especially prostitution. They have complained to the management, with no positive results.  They complained of being afraid to leave their own apartments, and wanted increased marked police patrols.  Inspector Brown said that there have probably been twelve arrests there in the recent past.  He said that unmarked cars, the gang unit, and COPE have been working the area for weeks.  He added that he needs to make arrests to build the case for search warrants for drug sales/use.  He said that arrests must be made at the apartments to force future evictions.  The police are also aware of squatters living in some of the apartments.  He said the increased police activity would continue.
7- A citizen complained about squatters and prostitution at a residence on Audwin, in Islip Terrace.  Inspector Brown asked for more information regarding people involved, time of day, etc.
8- A citizen complained about criminal activity involving people hanging about La Famiglia Restaurant on Carleton ave., and Elmore St., C.I.
9- A citizen complained about under-age beer sales at a deli on Ackerman St., in Bay Shore.  The police will check.
10- A citizen asked about the newly enacted NYS law designed to curtail “doctor shopping” for narcotic prescriptions.  He asked if local law enforcement would be involved.  A probation officer at the meeting said that his department was already involved.
11- A citizen thanked the police for getting a vacant home on Washington Ave, Brentwood, cleared of squatters and boarded-up.
12- D.I. Napoli said that the Third Precinct has a total of approx.250 officers and supervisors, and around 30 detectives.  They were responsible for approx.3300 arrests this year to the end of July. 18,000 tickets were written, and the precinct usually handles 500 to 600 vehicle accidents a month. The precinct also responded to 54,000+ calls for service, in the same period.
13- A citizen asked about police activity at Commack Rd. and Weldon, in north Islip, occurring on 8/27.  Inspector Brown said that there was a confrontation between a father and son, and a knife was displayed.  The son ran away, but was located by police a few blocks away. The father complained of chest pains, and was transported to the hospital. The son was sent to Stony Brook CPEP for mental health committal.
14- A citizen asked for more details on the driver, (mentioned above), with 69 suspensions on his license. D.I. Napoli said that the suspensions resulted from ignored tickets issued on 13 separate days. He added that the vehicle involved when the arrest was made was reported stolen by the First Precinct.  Inspector Brown explained recent changes made to the Traffic Violations Bureau. He said that tickets were handled by NYS, in the past.  Now they were being handled by Suffolk County.  He said that the new county system would handle traffic court cases much like Nassau County has been doing for decades.  The new TVPA will be part of the First District Court system, and cases will be handled by an assistant DA.
15- A citizen said that she has been coming to the precinct meetings since they were instituted by Inspector Cuff.  She added that she made many calls to 911 over the years, and every complaint was handled to her satisfaction.