The meeting was conducted by Dep Inspector Reid.

The first order of business was to talk about the recent car break ins in the Rocky Point and Sound Beach area. We were informed that they have Persons of Interest and the community can help by making sure all cars are locked. They have increased patrols on the overnight shifts.

There were 432 crimes VS 520 for the same period last year which is a 17% decrease. There were 8 assaults, 5 burglaries and 1 robbery.

ATV issues continue and the PCT is always working to reduce the problem and are currently working with a count legislator to increase fines associated with violations.

4 drug search warrants were issued with 7 arrests made in March.

There were 245 arrests with 335 charges. 19 were DWI related.

The Pct had 213 accidents VS 255 for March last year. 12 were Leaving the Scene and 5 DWI related.

1389 tickets were issued VS 830 from Feb.

COPE will be offering NARCAN training to any community groups of approx. 25 people max.

Coffee with a COP will be April 14 at McDonalds in Shirley from 11 to 1PM. An additional session will be held in Rocky Point in April with the date to be determined.

The next Community meeting will be 1st Tuesday of May at 7PM.

Thanks to Bill Todd

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