Bob Murphy attended the 4th precinct meeting on 5-3-2022.

Inspector Regina of the 4th precinct ran the meeting.

The guest speakers for the evening were P.O Abbene and P.O Lyons of the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau.

The bureau’s base is at Timber Point in Great River.
They are responsible for all navigable waterways in the county (With the exception of the east end) as well as land and beach patrols on Fire Island.

The bureau is staffed by 62 police officers and operate a fleet of specialized boats, trucks and quads.

They spoke at length about the operations of the bureau and it was an especially interesting presentation.

Inspector Regina noted that the precinct has seen a slight downturn in burglaries and car thefts. He again urged residents not to leave their key fobs or valuables in their cars and to lock your car doors.

The ongoing car gatherings in the precinct were also addressed. The Inspector stated that many steps are being taken to resolve the issues but it is a difficult task. He also noted this is a widespread problem not limited to Suffolk County.
The participants of these gatherings are coming from New York City and neighboring states as well as Long Island. The precinct is still dedicating numerous resources in order to alleviate this situation. During one incident 60 – 70 traffic summonses were issued.

The next community meeting will be held the first Tuesday in June and will feature a presentation by the MTA police.

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