Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major April 2022 monthly statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on May 5, 2022:

325 arrests;

3 residential and 2 commercial burglaries;

30 stolen cars;

4 robberies;

13 drug overdoses, 3 fatal;

1 shooting, non-fatal;

4 DWIs;

44 drug arrests; and

1 search warrant executed.

Stolen cars continue to be a major problem in the Town of Babylon.  As a reminder, be sure to safeguard your car keys.

Dirt bikes and ATVs illegally operated have become a safety concern. 

The next meeting at the West Babylon Public Library is June 2, 2022 at 7 PM.  All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator

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