Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major April 2023 statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on May 4, 2023:

300 arrests;

1 commercial burglary;

3 residential burglaries;

24 stolen cars, many of the cars with keys inside or engine running;

3 robberies;

7 shootings, including 3 trigger pulls;

236 car crashes, 1,500 for the year;

55 drug overdoses for the year, 4 fatal; and

3 drug arrests.

Inspector Brendan Forte, the 1st Precinct Commanding Officer, announced that he has received 29 new transfers to bolster the precinct.  Approximately 3,000 summonses have been issued this year, many for traffic offenses.

The Inspector again asked the community to email tips to the Precinct at: or  The sender may remain anonymous.

The Deer Park Community Association hosted the meeting.

On a personal note, three 1st Precinct officers on April 15 helped rescue 5 people, including 3 children, from a burning house in North Lindenhurst.

The next meeting will be June 1, 2023 at 11 am.  The location will be announced later.  All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator

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