Lauri Murphy  attended the 4th Precinct’s meeting last night, Tuesday October 5th.

Inspector Mike Romanelli led the meeting.

The meeting included the passing of 49 year old 4th precinct Officer James Stapleton. Our prayers go out to his family and his fellow officers.

Today’s Coffee with a Cop, October 6th, is canceled at the Smith Haven Mall.

Officer Sue Lavegia spoke about the ongoing scamming issues. There’s a scam claiming to sell t shirts to benefit King Park Schools. There’s also a Gabby Petito Fund scam.

Sargent Kelly Hartill spoke about Domestic Violence and Adult Abuse. I have pamphlets and phone numbers if you’d like them.

Thank you Lauri for your report

Bob and Lauri Murphy are the SCCPAAA coordinators for the Suffolk County’s 4th Precinct.

On Tuesday, September 14th, 2021, they attended the 4th Precinct Community Police meeting at the Nesconset library.

Their report:

I’m sorry I didn’t get the police officers name who spoke about the personnel  changes in the department. A large amount of police personal retired. There are currently two graduating classes and they plan on having another one next year.
Car thefts are on the increase as people leave their car fobs in their cars.
Drug related arrests have remained the same.
Gun violence increased slightly.
Traffic accidents increased slightly as people don’t adhere to Stop sign rules.
Car racing is in the rise. The meeting place for car racing is usually at Park and Rides.
More Bias training is scheduled to take place.

Cope Officer Susan LaViglia spoke about “Scammers”.
Susan stated don’t pick up the phone unless you absolutely know who’s calling. Scammers can use your voice to withdraw money from your bank account. Scammers have numerous ways of conning people going as far as using local phone numbers to obtain information.

Thank you
Lauri Murphy

Thank you Lauri and Bob.

Bob Taylor, Debbie Grayer, Marty Greenstein, Louis Giudice and Kevin O’Hare spoke to 48 Field Training Officers and Deputy Commissioner Risco Lewis at the Academy this morning, Friday September 24 to spread the Mission of the Suffolk County Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

Our members are cris-crossing Suffolk County to spread the mission and this is the 2nd group addressed these past two weeks.

The SCCPAAA donated this Service Banner to the Suffolk County Police Department. This service banner will be used at parades, funerals and other mass gatherings to identify the location of Suffolk County Police Officers.

Suffolk County PD – Service Flag

Thanks to Tonessa West Crowe of World of Isabella, Inc, who hand made this banner for the SCCPAAA at cost.

Thank you Tonessa.

The first Suffolk County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association general membership meeting, our first since post COVID-!9, was held Wednesday night, September 22nd, at Brentwood Police Academy.

The meeting was well attended. Especially by our new graduates; the 39th Graduation Class. Hurrah.

Kevin O’Hare opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. Kevin ask for a prayer for members who have recently passed: Ray Horton and Gene Pritz. Our prayers to their families.

Kevin distributed the agenda for the meeting and revisions to the SCCPAAA BY-LAWS. See attachment.

Kevin O’Hare, President SCCPAAA
SCCPAAA members signing in for meeting
Agenda – General Membership Meeting (September 22, 2021)

Revisions to SCCPAAA, Inc. BY-Laws

Special guests were Lola, Fenway and Jessie. They only use first names, not to protect the innocent, but, because they are dogs. Not any dogs, but trainees for the Guide Dogs Foundation and American Vet dogs. Both organizations are 501(c)(3) not for profit entities. Their handlers are well trained in the dogs specialty. Some Vet dogs are trained by prisoners. Training takes 12-18 months and cost about $50,000 per dog. Recipients of dogs, pay nothing. Both organizations are looking for volunteers: to raise the puppies, to drive puppies to their new raisers and other duties. Most people with these organizations are volunteers.

Also discussed last night was the distinction between Civilian and Citizen in our organization’s name. The term “Civilian”, “Suffolk County Civilian Police Academy”, is used for individuals who have not yet graduated from the Academy. Citizenship is not a requirement to be a member. When referring to graduates or alumni, “Suffolk County Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association” the term Citizen is used. This term is used due to the problematic and expense involved in changing our name for IRS purposes.

The Board also suggested that anyone using “Amazon” to purchase items should instead use “” and select SCCPAAA as their supporting Charity. Several items have been paid for with these funds.

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