In attendance representing SCCPAAA was Bob Marketta.

663 crimes were reported in the Precinct for March, 2023.

Last year during the same period there were 678 crimes reported.

March 2023 crimes included:

  • 0 Homicide
  • 8 Aggravated Assaults
  • 5 Burglaries (0 Residential, 5 Commercial)
  • 1 Robbery
  • 7 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 3 Trigger Pulls (1 Victim Shot)

There were 305 arrests on 431 charges in March including:

  • 19 Assaults
  • 1 Burglary
  • 57 Drugs
  • 5 Robberies
  • 17 DWis (22 Charges)

There were 500 motor vehicle crashes:

  • 3 Fatal
  • 69 With Injuries
  • 24 Leaving The Scene
  • 11 DWI Related

Officers wrote 2525 tickets

SITE TEAM wrote 177 tickets.

Thank you Bob Marketta for this report

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major March 2023 statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on April 6, 2023:

7 commercial burglaries;

3 residential burglaries;

23 stolen cars, many of the cars with keys inside or engine running;

9 robberies;

No shootings; 

256 car crashes; 38 with injuries; and

20 drug overdoses, 4 fatal.

Inspector Brendan Forte, the Precinct Commanding Officer, said that shoplifting in the big box stores has lessened with more police presence in the store areas.

The Inspector asked the community to email tips to the Precinct at: or

He also announced that June 17, 2023 is the exam for new police candidates and there is still time to file an application.

There were two newsworthy events in the Precinct.  On March 5, 2023 a small plane crashed near Republic Airport.  Fire ensued and two passengers were critically injured and a third person died.  

On March 27, 2023 a 12-year-old student at Lindenhurst Middle School stabbed a fellow 13-year-old classmate who sustained severe injuries and was airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital.  He is recovering.

The next meeting will be May 4, 2023 at 7 PM.  The location will be the Union Free School District Office on Lake Avenue in Deer Park, opposite the Fire Department building.   All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator

Our Nominating Committee consists of Chair Bob Marketta, John Callori, James Maggio, Mike Porciello, and Stacey Ruffin. They have discussed the possibilities (with the exception of Stacey, who did not respond to any of the chair’s attempts to reach her) and have agreed to recommend the following slate:

President – Kevin O’Hare

2nd Vice President – Mike Aziz

Treasurer – Erich Beck

Corresponding Secretary – Debbie Grayer

This slate is their recommendation for people who work well together and get things done. Of course, you should 

feel free to vote for whoever you wish. Once the slate is presented by the chair at the meeting, any members in 

good standing may run from the floor and will have a brief opportunity to speak before the voting takes place.

Attendees~Kevin O’Hare, Lauri Murphy, Jay Jost and Marty Greenstein
Inspector Regina spoke of the following occurrences in the 4 th precinct. 

3/3/23~The use of E Cigarettes are on the uptick in schools.  An investigation was launched due to Community complaints. Four store owners out of eight were arrested with misdemeanor charges for selling products to buyers under the age of twenty one. 

3/10/23~arrests were made at the April Spa in St. James for unlawful prostitution and fire code violations. On 3/29/23 similar arrests were made at S and L relaxed Spa in Commack. 

3/8/23~there was a pedestrian fatality on the corner of Vets and Jericho Tpk 
3/17/23~there was a motorcycle fatality. Unfortunately these fatalities are on the rise. 

3/27/23~ Inspector Regina represented The Suffolk County Police Department by attending the Funerals of two Police  Officers who were gunned down on a domestic call in Edmonton Canada. Inspector Regina is part of the “Brotherhood of the Fallen”

3/30/23~An incident started in the 3 rd Precinct in the Charter Oaks Ave which led to the arrest on Oser Ave. Wilson Felipe Andrade Molina was charged with 2 nd degree murder and assault in the 1 st degree. Molina’s cousin died; the cousin’s girlfriend remains in critical condition. 

3/30/23~Frozz Saloon. Hawkins Rd Ronkonkama 
John Sheats was arrested after stealing $5,000 while Employees were counting the nightly money. Mr. Sheats has 5 prior arrests and is on parole for other burglaries. 

All crimes are down except for Automobile Larceny. 

Thanks to Lauri Murphy for this report

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