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We have made arrangements to offer our members SCCPAAA clothing items – T-shirts, short sleeve polo shirts, long sleeve polo shirts and full- zip hoodie sweatshirts. All items are generously sized and come in sizes  S,  M,  L,  XL,  2XL and 3XL. (We will have a small selection of samples for you to see.)

We are keeping the cost down by avoiding shipping. All orders and pickups are in person only.

You may place your order at either our Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 14th or our next General Membership meeting on Wednesday, February 15th and pay by either cash or check. You may pick up your order at the following scheduled General Membership meeting.

Clothing will ONLY be available at meetings, no shipping available.

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With appreciation of your support, Kevin O’Hare – PresidentDebbie Grayer – Corresponding SecretarySuffolk County Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

The meeting was presided over by Inspector Joe Condolff, commanding officer of the 6th Precinct.

In attendance representing SCCPAAA were Bob Marketta and Lou Giudice.

653 crimes were reported in the Precinct for October, 2022.

Last year during the same period there were 585 crimes reported.

October 2022 crimes included:

  • 1 Homicide
  • 9 Aggravated Assaults
  • 14 Burglaries (4 Residential, 10 Commercial)
  • 6 Robberies
  • 19 Grand Larcenies Auto

5 reported trigger pulls and 2 victims shot out of 10 reported gun crimes during October 2022

9 reported trigger pulls and 3 victims shot out of 13 reported gun crimes in October 2021

There were 161 arrests on 216 charges in October including:

  • 6 Assaults
  • 1 Burglary
  • 37 Drugs
  • 4 Robberies
  • 15 DWIs (24 charges)

There were 17 Drug overdoses in October, 4 of which were fatal.

There were 593 crashes in October including 3 fatal and 100 with injuries.

These included 27 leaving the scene and 2 DWI related.

There were 15 arrests for DWI including 24 charges.

Officers wrote 688 tickets.

The next community meeting will be held at the precinct on Dec 13th, 2022 at 10 AM

submitted by Lou Giudice

4th precinct Inspector Regina ran the meeting along with Deputy Inspector Lawler.

The topic of the meeting was Public Service.

The first guest speaker for the evening was the Chief of Smithtown Public Safety. He explained that his department consists of Park Rangers, Harbormaster, Fire Prevention, Ordinances and the Department of Emergency Management.

The Village of Islandia Code Enforcement/Public Safety also had a representative that gave an overview of her department.

Inspector Regina and Deputy Inspector Lawler gave the residents a synopsis of some incidents that have ocurred in the precinct. The catalytic converter thefts continue to be problem not only in the precinct but nationwide. There were 49 thefts last month. They were able to make an arrest related to the thefts in Kings Park. They urged residents not to confront the thieves but to dial 911.

Street racers continue to be an issue. Last month there was an incident where racers jumped on a Sargent’s car and caused extensive damage when the Police attempted to break up the gathering in the vicinity of the L.I.E. and Ocean Avenue.

The next 4th precinct community meeting will be held December 6th.

Thanks to Bob Murphy

Fellow members, 
Our next General Membership meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00pm at the Police Academy.
Sergeant Kelly Hartill and her team are scheduled  to be our Guest Speakers. They represent the Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Bureau.
We will have samples of SCCPAAA clothing available for you to see at the meeting.We will have order forms available so please remember to bring a check with you.You may choose from a T-shirt with emblem patch for $25, a polo shirt with an embroidery patch at $45 and/or a full zip sweatshirt at $55.
As always, we hope you can join us!
With appreciation of your support, 
Kevin O’Hare – PresidentDebbie Grayer – Corresponding SecretarySuffolk County Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.