Patti O’Conner and Gary Cotugno attend the festivities
Sgt Michael Buscarino, Deputy Inspector Steven Rohde, 4th Pct C.O. Inspector David Regina, Patti O’Conner
Sgt Michael Buscarino, Deputy Inspector Steven Rohde, SCCPAAA President Kevin O’Hare, Board Member Lou Giudice, Inspector David Regina
Peri Wallack, Kevin O’Hare, Lou Giudice, Inspector Regina, Bob Marketta, Ed McElone, Patti O’Conner

The fourth precinct Coffee with a Cop was held at the Smithaven Mall in mid September with SCCPAAA Vice President Lauri Murphy representing the Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association

The meeting was presided over by Inspector Joe Condolff, who is the Commanding Officer of the 6th Precinct, replacing recently retired Inspector Patrick Reilly. Assisting was Deputy Inspector Todd Barone, who is the precinct Eecutive Officer.

713 crimes were reported in the Precinct for August, 2022

Last year during the same period there were 537 crimes reported.

August 2022 crimes included:

12 Aggravated Assaults

2 Burglaries (1 Residential, 1 Commercial)

2 Robberies

10 Grand Larcenies (Auto)

There were 6 reported trigger pulls with 2 victims shot

There were 226 arrests with 308 charges including:

11 assaults

1 burglary

28 drugs

There were 30 drug overdoses with 3 fatal

There were 431 crashes with 2 fatal and 65 injured

36 leaving the scene

4 dwi related

There were 18 arrests for DWI with 26 charges

Officers wrote 1,945 tickets

The meeting was held at the Nesconset Library, presided over by Insp. Regina and his team.

On 6/11/22 4th Pct. patrol following intelligence located approximately 100 cars in the parking lot of 2929 Express Dr. North, Islandia.

County wide assistance included the aviation section.

The group was dispersed without incident and 8 uniform traffic tickets were issued.

The following day, PCS (Precinct Crime Section) officers observe known street racer driving recklessly on Ronkonkoma Ave; subject flees police and is later apprehended.

Charged with unlawful fleeing, Reckless Driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Subject affiliated with car racing group “Global Suspects”.

On 6/8/22, in response to numerous community complaints, 4th Pct Community Support Unit, 4th Squad detectives, Property Section officers, and Smithtown Public Safety/Fire Marshall conducted an investigation at Imperial Foot Care Salon, 205 Terry Rd.

A 61 year old Woodside, Queens woman was charged with 2 counts of Unauthorized Practice of a Profession and 2 counts of Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree.

The Smithtown Fire Marshall issued 25 violations for fire code and building offenses. The Smithtown Building Dept inspector deemed the unit unsafe and closed the business for electrical violations.

Important note: Any subjects described here hold a presumption of innocence unless and until such time as a conviction is rendered in a court of law.

On 6/15/22. Four people arrested for selling E-Liquid Nicotine to minors.

In response to community complaints, 4th Pct Anti-Crime officers conducted an investigation into the sale of E-Liquid nicotine to minors during which numerous businesses were checked for compliance. These 4 individuals worked at businesses which were found to be out of compliance, however, other businesses were in compliance and no charges were brought against them.

On 6/18/22, a Brentwood man was arrested by 4th Squad detectives for falsely claiming he was kidnapped. The man filed a police report with the 3rd Pct. Following an extensive 2 day investigation, the man was brought into the 4th Pct for further questioning where he admitted to lying to police about the kidnapping in an attempt to gain favor with his estranged spouse. He was arrested and charged with Falsely Reporting an incident 3rd degree, and for a false sworn statement 2nd degree.

Two male suspects, one a 17 year old, were arrested 6/30/22 by Major Case Unit detectives for burglarizing three storage units at Extra Space Storage on Vets Hwy.

Following an investigation, the two were additionally charged with the following incidents:

Grand Larceny 3rd Degree for stealing from Burger King in Ronkonkoma on June 8th.

Grand Larceny 3rd Degree for stealing from Licensed to Chill in Ronkonkoma on June 8th.

Grand Larceny 3rd Degree for stealing from Energy Wise in Ronkonkoma on June 8th.

Grand Larceny 3rd Degree for stealing from Remodel Rob in Ronkonkoma on June 9th.

Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree for damaging vehicles at Energy Mechanical in East Farmingdale on June 25th.

Grand Larceny 4th Degree and Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree for damaging vehicles an stealing items from New York Solar in East Farmingdale on June 25th.

Grand Larceny 3rd Degree for stealing from Albee Motors in Islip Terrace on June 25th.

3 counts of Burglary 3rd Degree for the burglaries of three units at Extra Space Storage in Islandia.

On July 10th, after several 911 calls, units located a vehicle playing amplified music from a huge speaker system mounted on the automobile roof. A Town ordinance summons was issued and the speaker system confiscated.

On July 22nd, a Ronkonkoma man was arrested on the westbound LIE at Commack Rd in Dix Hills. Detectives from the Major Case Unit, the 4th and 5th Squads, charged the man with 9 counts of Burglary 3rd Degree of several businesses, where he typically would throw a rock threw the glass, enter, and steal cash.

The locations were:

IHOP, 339 Portion Rd, Lake Ronkonkoma, January 25th.

Stacey’s Bagels, 416 Hawkins Ave, Lake Ronkonkoma, January 26th.

Starbucks, 3701 Express Drive North, Islandia, July 19th.

Bagel Express, 264 W Main St, Smithtown, July 19th.

Duck Donuts, 586 Vets Hwy, Hauppauge, July 20th.

Princess Deli Bagels, 1151 Jericho Tpke, Commack, July 20th.

Dunkin’, 305 Waverly Av, Patchogue, July 22nd.

Dunkin’, 1573 Lakeland Av, Bohemia, July 22nd.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, 4180 Vets Hwy, Bohemia, July 22nd.

July 22-23 street racing and reckless driving events.

In response to numerous community complaints, and previous criminal incidents regarding street racing and reckless driving events, 4th Pct Crime Section officers and 4th Pct Community Support Unit officers conducted an investigation into multiple locations throughout the 4th Pct where drag racing was occuring, assisted by 4th Pct patrol officers, Highway Patrol and Highway Safety Team, Canine Section and Aviation.

The investigation into a street racing group led to a large group of vehicles parked near 88 Vets Hwy in Commack at approximately 10:55PM where members of the group where engaged in reckless driving. The vehicles then proceeded to a predetermined location at Oval Dr in Islandia, where approximately 200 vehicles and 300 people were believed to be preparing to drag race.

Throughout the night, police issued 119 summonses for various vehicle and traffic law violations.

An individual from Patchogue was arrested for Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs and Resisting Arrest.

On August 6th, following an investigation by 4th Pct Crime Section and Anti-Crime Unit officers, a man was arrested in Dix Hills and charged with Making a Threat of Mass Harm a class B misdemeanor. The man wrote a comment on a travel website on July 30th threatening to bring a gun to Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel, 3635 Express Drive North, Islandia, with the intent of hurting the staff at the gaming facility.

Probation officer Phil Battaglia gave a presentation on his current assignment at Suffolk Police Headquarters where he is involved with inter-agency intelligence operations.

This report filed by Lou Giudice

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are some of the major statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on September 1, 2022:

2,700 arrests since the beginning of 2022;

30 stolen cars in June 2022;

14 drug overdoses in June 2022;

8 shootings since the beginning of 2022;

4 residential and 3 commercial burglaries in August 2022;

3 search warrants were executed in August 2022,

Stolen cars continue to be a major problem in the Town of Babylon.  As a reminder, be sure to safeguard your car keys and not keep the car running when you exit for a brief period.  Also of concern is the rash of store larcenies in the precinct.

The top summer arrest was on August 18, 2022 at 1 AM in Deer Park.  Four individuals fled from the police and the car flipped over and caught fire.  The driver was pinned against the steering wheel and flames were headed into the passenger compartment.  One of the responding officers of slight build crawled into the vehicle and with the help of his partners were able to pull the man to safety.  The fire caused bullets in possession of the passengers to explode and cause havoc.  The officers in the incident were honored by the Town.

The interesting presentation was made by Inspector Brendan Forte, the 1st Precinct’s new Commanding Officer.  He had more than a dozen officers present to address the concerns of the residents in attendance.  Inspector Forte has replaced former Inspector Kevin Kane who has retired.  

The next meeting at the West Babylon Public Library is October 6, 2022 at 7 PM.  All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator