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6th Precinct Meeting 12-14-2021 notes
reported by Lou Giudice

Inspector Reilly presided.

November 2021 6th Precinct Statistics:

358 reported crimes including
8 aggravated assaults
10 burglaries (1 residential, 9 commercial)
2 robberies
3 grand larceny autos
3 trigger pulls (1 victim shot)

188 arrests with 236 charges including
6 assaults
28 drugs
1 robbery
21 DWIs (33 charges)

34 drug overdoses including 7 fatalities

231 motor vehicle accidents including
3 fatalities
28 with injuries
38 leaving the scene
7 DWI related

1,315 vehicle and traffic enforcement tickets were issued

Coming Events

The 6th Pct COPE/CLO office will be having a Craft with a Cop event coming up on Wednesday December 22, 5:00PM – 7:00PM at the Middle Country Public Library, Selden. There will be crafts, snacks, hot and cold beverages provided by Home Depot, Michaels, Harbor Freight, Shop Rite and Dunkin Donuts. Children will have the opportunity to leave with a gift for the holidays. Please help us spread the word on this upcoming holiday event!

The next 6th Precinct Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 at 7PM at the precinct.

Mike Aziz checking in on the 3rd Precinct Community Meeting held on 12-7-21. Inspector Rowan presented us with the following stats:

Violent crimes from 2019 to present down 10.4%

Property crimes from 2019 to present down 4.7%

Overall crimes in the Precinct are down 5.3%

Residential burglaries are down 31.9% from 2019

Commercial burglaries have increased by 30.4% from 2019

Robberies have decreased by 31.7%

Grand larcenies MVs (stolen cars) up 31.1%

All the officers cannot stress enough that we need to turn off and lock our cars.

There has also been a rash of Chinese Food delivery robberies in the Central Islip area, four from August to November. They would order food, then rob the driver at the door.

Moving violations: 4086 in 2021 and 7079 in 2019, representing a decrease of about 3000.

Motor vehicle accidents down from 6639 to 5543.

Fatal accidents rose to 14 this year from only 10 in 2019.

The Precinct is still in need of crossing guards.

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan 4th, 2022.

Happy Holidays to All !

———————–Thank you Mike!—————————