3rd Precinct

3rd Precinct Coordinators Mike Aziz and John Callori

4th Precinct

Outreach Coordinator Sharon Burwin
Sharon attended 4th Precinct National Night Out at Smith Haven Mall
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Officer Dono with staffer from Commissioner’s Office
Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison with SCCPAAA President Kevin O’Hare
Chief of Patrol Gerard Hardy, Board Member Jay Jost,, Asst Police Commissioner ElizabethDaitz, President Kevin O’Hare, Deputy Inspector David Lawler

6th Precinct

PO Linda Piotrowski, Chief of Patrol Gerard Hardy, Deputy Inspector Eric D’Agostino,, 2 representatives of 7-11 sponser, Assistant Police Commissioner Elizabeth Daitz, PO Kathryn Skippon
Chief of Patrol Gerard Hardy, Deputy Inspector Eric D’Agostino,, 2 representatives of 7-11 sponser, Assistant Police Commissioner Elizabeth Daitz, PO Kathryn Skippon , Detective Sargeant James Murphy
6th Precinct table with Civilian Academy applications

Deputy Inspector D’Agostino presided.

527 crimes were reported in the precinct for June 2022.

Last year during the same period there were 487 crimes reported.

This is an increase of 8.2% for the month of June.


  • 0 Homicides
  • 8 Aggravated Assaults
  • 15 Burglaries
    • 4 residential
    • 11 commercial
  • 1 Robbery
  • 9 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 4 reported trigger pulls (4 victims shot)


There were 205 arrests covering 261 charges, including 9 assaults, 6 burglaries, 39 drug, 1 robbery, 20 DWIs(28 charges).


3 fatal as compared to 6 fatal in June 2021.

18 non-fatal as compared to 33 in June 2021.


345 crashes this period as compared to 591 crashes in June 2021.

29 of these crashes involved leaving the scene and 4 were DWI related. 66 with injuries.

Officers wrote 2,078 tickets in June 2022.

The ATV multiple agency task force has been active in curbing illegal, unregistered ATV activity.


CT 22-01 Catalytic Converters from Vehicles

The SCPD is investigating a crime trend including a significant number of catalytic converters being cut off of vehicles throughout the County. These incidents have taken place in all SCPD Precincts. Incidents have occurred at residential and commercial locations and have targeted both single vehicles and large commercial fleets.

CP 22-06 Smash & Grab Burglaries – Cigarette Carton & Lottery Ticket Proceeds

The SCPD is investigating a series of (15) Burglaries at Gas Stations throughout the county. Most incidents capture a Dodge Caravan pulling up to the establishment with a Male exiting the driver’s side door. Immediately after, the subject opens the rear sliding door to retrieve an object (fire extinguisher, lug wrench, tire iron, crowbar, etc.) and smashes the front glass door with same. Both vehicle doors are left open while the male gains entry to the store. Multiple incidents involve two separate Dodge Caravans stolen out of Medford (Recovered, 22-337659), and Mastic (Active, 22-335722). All incidents occur from 0000-0700 hrs. Arrest Made: Samuel Pedraza

CP 22-05 Smash & Grab Burglaries – Subject Wearing Unique Jacket

The SCPD is investigating 11 commercial burglaries where a subject throws a rock/stone through the front glass door and pries open the cash register. In most incidents, the subject can be observed wearing a thermal style jacket, a possible home-made white face covering, hiking style boots and gloves with a reflective strip on the top facing side of the hand. It is to be noted that multiple spotted stains and markings are visible on the subject’s jacket as seen on night vision camera footage. 5 incidents occurred on 4/2/22. No arrests as of this date.

CP 22-04 Pharmacy Smash & Grab Burglaries – Prescription Proceeds

The SCPD is investigating a series of pharmacy burglaries throughout the county. The burglaries occured in Dix Hills, Deer Park, Mt. Sanai, Commack and Ronkonkoma – with two January incidents occurring within 30 minutes of one another. All incidents include two males entering the establishment, and one getaway driver. Incidents have occurred during the weekdays between 0400 – 0700 hours. No arrests as of this date.

CP 22-02 Commercial Burglaries – Pried Entry

The SCPD is investigating 9 commercial burglaries primarily on the north shore. The suspect typically pries open the rear door, removes cash from the office/register area, removes the surveillance video and/or damages the surveillance system. In several incidents the suspect poured bleach or a liquid substance to damage evidence. Several cases appear similar to burglaries included on CP 20-04. The majority of incidents have occurred during the overnight hours between Sunday to Monday. Several cases have occurred at businesses located off of Jericho Tpke within the 2nd & 4th Pcts and North Country Rd/Rt 25A in the 4th and 6th Pct. No arrests to date.

CP 22-01 Smash & Grab Burglaries – Fast Food Establishments

The SCPD is investigating 10 smash and grab burglaries where the subject breaks the glass door/window with a rock or brick. The subject targets the register area, sometimes climbs over the counter and removes the register drawers. Several Dunkin Donut locations have been targeted. No arrests to date.

Submitted by Lou Giudice

Corresponding Secretary Debbie Grayer with Linda Miller, President of the Selden Civic Association

Debbie spoke to a joint meeting of the Selden and Centereach Civic Associations, telling the story of the Suffolk County Civilian Police Academy and encouraging potential applicants.