1st Pct Community Meeting

Thursday 12/7 12PM
West Babylon Library

2nd Pct Community Meeting

On even numbered months, meetings are held at 7 PM at the South Huntington Library. On odd numbered months, meetings are held at 10 AM at the 2nd Precinct.

2nd Pct Skate with a Cop

3rd Pct Community Meeting

December 5th 11AM
Rock of Salvation Church
368 American Blvd
Brentwood NY

3rd Pct Coffee with a Cop


4th Precinct Community Meeting

December 5th 2023 7PM
Smithtown Library
Nesconset Bldg
148 Smithtown Blvd
Nesconset NY
Presentation by SCPD Behavioral Health Unit

4th Pct Faith and Blue


4th Precinct Coffee with a Cop


5th Precinct Community Meeting

Tuesday December12th  – Fifth Precinct Community Meeting at 7PM Patchogue-Medford Library

5th Pct Coffee with a Cop


5th Pct Menorah and Tree Lighting

Tuesday December 5th at 6PM 125 Waverly Ave, Patchogue

6th Pct Community Meeting

No meeting in December

7th Pct Community Meeting


6th Precinct Coffee with a Cop

7th Precinct Faith and Blue

In attendance representing SCCPAAA were Bob Marketta and Lou Giudice.

October 2023 crimes included:

  • 0 Homicide
  • 17 Aggravated Assaults
  • 18 Burglaries (2 Residential, 16 Commercial)
  • 4 Robberies
  • 20 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 2 Trigger Pulls – 1 Victim shot (out of 2 recorded gun crimes)
  • compared to October 2022, when we had 5 Trigger Pulls (2 Victims Shot) out of (10 recorded gun crimes)

There were 382 arrests on 447charges in October including:

  • 8 Assaults
  • 14 Burglary
  • 77 Drugs
  • 4 Robberies

October had 21 drug overdoses with 0 fatalities,
compared with October 2022 with 22 overdoses and 9 fatalities.

October had 743 motor vehicle crashes compared to October 2022 with 619 crashes.

  • 0 fatalities
  • 117 with injuries
  • 99 leaving the scene
  • 6 DWI related

There were 16 arrests for DWI with 22 charges.

Officers wrote 2068 tickets.

The next 6th Precinct Community Meeting will be held in January 2024

Reported by Lou Giudice

5th Precinct Crime Statistics:

Robbery’s are up this year (18) from last year (13) YTD. 

One Robbery was the Stop and Shop in Holbrook on 10/29/23 

Residential Robbery’s are the same YTD from Last Year (31)

Commercial Robbery’s are Down this year (47) from Last year (79)

Larceny’s (except from Motor Vehicles are lower this year (1608) from Last Year (1743)

Robbery’s of Motor vehicles are lower this year (157) from last year (174)

Warnings about Mail theft during the Holiday Season and how to prevent: 

  • Drop off your mail during pick up time 
  • Do not deposit your mail on weekends or holidays
  • Use a Pen with permanent ink to prevent alterations on your check 
  • Frequently review your blank account and images of canceled checks to ensure that the payment reached the beneficiary unchanged.
  • Give the mail directly to the postman or place the mail in the box inside the post office

TikTok Challenge:

  • Kia’s and Hyundai’s are able to be stolen with a USB. As shown on Tik Tok. Go to the Dealer to get the free fix if you own those models within the time frame. 
  • Kick down Door Challenge, kids going up to random doors and kicking them in, causing damage

Set up a 9 PM Routine:

  • Lock Car Doors
  • Lock Garage Doors
  • Lock Front Door
  • Activate house Alarm
  • Remove Personal Items from Vehicle

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim

Social Media:

 Instagram – @scpd5thprecinct

Twitter (X) @SCPD5thPrecinct

Events Coming up:

Monday December 4th –   Coffee with a Cop 3 to 5PM  La Roma Pastry Shop in Oakdale

Tuesday December 5th – Fifth Precinct Menorah and Tree Lighting at 6PM 125 Waverly Ave, Patchogue. 

Tuesday December12th  – Fifth Precinct Community Meeting at 7PM Patchogue-Medford Library

Beth Santagata

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major October 2023 statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on November 2, 2023:

372 arrests;

10 commercial burglaries, including 3 in East Farmingdale;

4 residential burglaries;

18 stolen cars, with 5 in Lindenhurst and 4 in West Babylon; and

587 car crashes, 70 leaving the scene of the accident.

Inspector Brendan Forte, the 1st Precinct Commanding Officer, again asked the community to email tips to the precinct.  You do not have to give your name.

The Inspector talked about the rise in thefts from drug and other chain stores.  Police have been giving tips to the employees about ways to safeguard their merchandise.

It was disclosed that the precinct is using an advanced radar system to combat the speeding problem.  More than 20,000 traffic tickets have been issued in 2023 for various infractions.

Squatters and illegal renting are a top priority.  The precinct is working with the town of Babylon to try to remedy the problem with code enforcement.

The next meeting will be on December 7, 2023.  The location and time will be announced later.  All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper

1st Precinct Coordinator

Kevin O’Hare with Sheriff Toulon

Rich Perez, McGruff the crime dog, Kevin O’hare

Sheriff Toulon and Rich Perez