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Here is your information from the 6th Precinct October community meeting.

For September,  565 crimes reported, including:

8 aggravated assaults
12 burglaries
4 robberies
7 grand larceny autos

Arrests totaled 192 comprising 249 charges, including:

4 assaults
5 burglaries
21 drugs
4 robberies
16 DWIs (25 charges)

There were 30 drug overdoses including 3 fatalities.

There were 307 motor vehicle accidents including 2 fatalities and 54
with injuries.
30 involved leaving the scene and 2 were DWI related.
1257 traffic tickets were issued.

Lou Giudice

The 6th Precinct Faith and Blue cook-off was a successful event with members of the Sheriff’s office, 6th precinct officers, Acting Suffolk County Police Commissioner Stuart Cameron and SCDA Tim Sini.

Thank you Lou Giudice, 6th Precinct Coordinator Alternate for this news.

The 6th Precinct Faith and Blue cook-off
SCDA Tim Sini

Michael Aziz attended the 3rd Precinct’s meeting on Wednesday, October 6th.

Hi  Michael Aziz Checking in with some info from the 3rd precinct community meeting held on October 6th 2021. 

FYI, the meeting was held at assembly of Christian Churches Rocks of Salvation. As per Inspector Rowan, all future meetings will be held at different locations.  The meeting room in the precinct will not be used for these events.   

Inspector Rowan will be having different working officers attending meetings. 

Violent crimes in the third are down14.2%.

Property crimes down 6.4%.

A 7.2% overall decline from 2019 thru 2021 stats.

Residential burglary down 37%, while in the past 6 weeks, commercial burglary up 42%.

Robbery is down 34%, while grand larceny  (motor vehicle) , up 23%.

Moving violation tickets are down from 5,267 to only 4,561 written.

ATV’s are a huge issue, they are working on it.

Bus shelters in Brentwood, on Brentwood road big problem. Drug activity, homeless, and Robbery happens in them. 

Some lighter notes, the department is looking for crossing guards. 8 are needed in the third. No applications are being filled out. A touch a truck event Saturday  the 9th at Brentwood library  11a to 4 pm.                                 

I hope I did a good job my first time out. Glad to be a part of this organization, thanks for the opportunity. 

Fellow members, 

Congratulations on volunteering as precinct coordinators!

Many of you are new in this role and some of you have been active for quite some time. Recently, due to cancelled meetings on both our part and the precincts’ part, no information was being shared. We’re all a little rusty. So what exactly did you sign up for? Let’s go over what’s expected- – We ask that you attend your precinct’s monthly community meeting and take note of what you think our members would want to hear about – crime rate statistics, trends in violence, hate crimes, local issues, etc?  While you’re there, fill in the brochures (English and Spanish), introduce yourself and feel free to recruit anyone interested or have them inquire on our website for more information. Use your business cards. Coordinators and their alternates can both attend and report, take turns – whatever  works best for you.- Email a paragraph or two (bulleted is fine) to our Webmaster Frank Sini, Jr. (  and our Recording Secretary Erin King ( Report back to the members attending the following general membership meeting. It doesn’t need to be formal, just a brief idea of what’s going on. 

We currently have at least one coordinator for each precinct but we still have two open alternate positions for precincts 1 and 5. We want you to have a back-up plan in case something comes up and you’re not available to attend a meeting. If you know someone who might be interested please let us know.


1st Precinct  – Justin Cooper/open

2nd Precinct – Dick Holmes/ Mark Firzgerald

3rd Precinct – Mike Aziz/ John Callori

4th Precinct – Lauri Murphy/ Bob Murphy

5th Precinct – Beth Santagata/ open

6th Precinct – Rebecca Darmarin/ Lou Giudice

7th Precinct – Nicole Dionne-Kehlenbeck/ Bill Todd

We are trying to make sure that you all have business cards and supplies in case you need them. Please respond and let me know where you stand. I will be providing you with a precinct listing with meeting dates at this upcoming meeting. Do you need-Business cards? Brochures (English)? Brochures (Spanish)? Academy class applications? (now on our Website)
We are trying very hard to give you what you need. Any suggestions or questions, please ask. Thanks again for volunteering.

With appreciation of your support,

Kevin O’Hare – President

Debbie Grayer – Corresponding Secretary

Suffolk County Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.

Justin Cooper  attended the 1st Precinct’s meeting Thursday, October 7th, night.

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major September 2021 monthly statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on October 7, 2021:

297 arrests,

21 stolen vehicles, many with keys left in the ignition,

22 drug overdoses, 2 fatal,

4 robberies,

2 residential and 8 commercial burglaries,

a number of illegal handguns seized,

3 officers were injured making arrests in 2 cases.

The Domestic Violence Unit gave a short presentation that counseling and other help are available for the victims.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator

Thank you Justin.