In attendance representing SCCPAAA were Bob Marketta and Lou Giudice.

April 2024 had 590 crimes, down from 623 last year for the same period, a 5.3% decrease.
These crimes included:

  • 0 Homicide
  • 8 Aggravated Assaults
  • 4 Burglaries (2 Residential, 2 Commercial)
  • 3 Robberies
  • 5 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 4 Trigger Pulls (0 Victims Shot) out of (8 recorded gun crimes)
  • compared to April 2023, when we had 1 Trigger Pull (0 Victim Shot) out of (3 recorded gun crimes)

There were 231 arrests on 296 charges in April including:

  • 7 Assaults
  • 0 Burglaries
  • 43 Drugs
  • 2 Robberies

April had 17 drug overdoses with 2 fatalities,
compared with April 2023 with 34 overdoses and 4 fatalities.

April had 523 motor vehicle crashes compared to April 2023 with 485 crashes, up 7.8%.

  • 0 fatality
  • 61 leaving the scene
  • 2 DWI related

There were 24 arrests for DWI with 37 charges.

Officers wrote 2364 tickets.
Highway Bureau SITE Unit issued an additional 162 tickets.

Reported by Lou Giudice(edit)

4th precinct Inspector Regina ran tonight’s meeting.

SCCPAAA President Kevin O’Hare, board members Jay Jost, Lauri Murphy and alumni member Richard Skohik were in attendance

The Inspector introduced Detective Kevin Rieppel who gave a presentation on the SCPD Identification Section. We learned that the Identification Section has many responsibilities within the department. They include dusting for fingerprints and taking photographs at crime scenes. The section also takes aerial photographs using helicopters and drones. A new investigative tool named Faro Scanning is also being used. It was a very interesting presentation.

The Inspector then reviewed with the residents the police activity in the precinct during the previous month.

Among the incidents discussed:

Police responded to a fatal overdose behind Friendly’s on Jericho Turnpike in Commack.

Enforcement action was taken against participants in a “sideshow gathering” (road racing) on Platinum Court in Medford. This has been an ongoing issue for quite a while across the county.

127 traffic summonses were issued, one arrest was made for reckless driving and one stolen vehicle was recovered during the operation.

Award ceremonies were held at the 4th precinct on 5-1-2024. 4th precinct cop of the year for 2023 was Dale Warwick.

Thank you Lauri Murphy for this report

Richard and Debbie Perez, Board Members and Kevin O’Hare, President
Lauri Murphy and family with Kevin O’Hare

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major April 2024 statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on May 2, 2024:

417 arrests with 30 for possession of controlled substances;

3 commercial burglaries;

7 residential burglaries;

2 robberies;

495 car crashes with 60 leaving the scene, 2 with serious injuries;

5 gun arrests;

1 shooting; and

60 calls from Tanger Outlets.

Lieutenant Joe Zurl of the 1st Precinct introduced himself and made the presentation.  The Lieutenant has an impressive record in law enforcement.  

Here are notable comments:

Thirty-four new officers are being assigned to the Precinct.

The Lieutenant advised the residents to tell their children not to send images of the children’s private parts to anyone as the images always get reposted.

He also said that there was a problem with illegal street takeovers by 50-100 cars with young drivers.

One newsworthy event was a man jumping from a third floor building in Wyandanch to escape arrest.  He was apprehended with serious injuries.

The Lieutenant also said that school crossing guards are needed and residents should apply.

The next community meeting will be June 6, 2024 at a time and place to be announced.    All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper

1st Precinct Coordinator