4th precinct Inspector Regina ran tonight’s meeting along with Captain Richard Roseo.

SCCPAAA President Kevin O’Hare, Vice President Lauri Murphy and board members Jay Jost and Robert Murphy were in attendance.

The Inspector reviewed with the residents the police activity in the precinct during the previous month.

Deputy Inspector Lawler retired on June 30th and a traditional department walk-out ceremony was held.

There has been a crackdown on illegal activities in local smoke shops. There have been 6 arrests for the sale of tobacco to persons under 21. A smoke shop in Nesconset was shut down due to fire code violations. An arrest was also made for possession of cannabis 2nd degree.

A search warrant was executed on a house on Old Hauppauge Rd in Smithtown for drug dealing. One resident was arrested. A quantity of Oxycodone, OxyContin and amphetamines were seized.

A carjacking occurred July 29th on School Street in Ronkonkoma. The suspect was located on Arlington Road in Ronkonkoma and a violent struggle with police ensued. The suspect even tried to steal a marked police unit during the struggle. The suspect was eventually subdued and arrested on numerous charges.

On August 16th there was a robbery at Famous Footware on Vets Highway in Islandia. The suspect threatened the use of a weapon. K9 and aviation were involved in the search for the suspect. After a subsequent investigation an arrest was made in Central Islip by officers in the 3rd precinct. The suspect was charged with first degree robbery.

On July 9th Police responded to a call for an out of control 30 year old male holding a knife in Kings Park. Officers deployed a taser as the armed man advanced towards the officers. He was arrested for menacing a police officer and was transported to a hospital for medical and psychological evaluation.

On July 31st a 14 month old female child died after being left in a vehicle for 8 hours on Redwood Lane in Smithtown. The childs grandmother forgot to drop the child off at daycare in the morning and forgot that she was in the car.

There have been numerous motor vehicle accidents in the precinct.

On June 8th there was a fatal motor vehicle accident on middle country road and highway place in Smithtown. 

There was a fatal multi vehicle crash on the LIE south service road and motor parkway in Hauppauge on July 3rd. A mack garbage truck struck 4 vehicles stopped at a traffic light.

A 22 year old woman was killed while jogging with her two brothers on Harned road near Donna court in Commack.

The next 4th precinct community meeting will be held October 3rd at the Smithtown library Kings Park building located at 1 Church St. Kings Park.

Thanks to Bob Murphy for this report

In attendance representing SCCPAAA were Bob Marketta and Lou Giudice.

August 2023 742 crimes (an increase from 592 August 2022) included:

  • 0 Homicide
  • 19 Aggravated Assaults
  • 3 Burglaries (2 Residential, 1 Commercial)
  • 6 Robberies
  • 7 Grand Larcenies Auto
  • 1 Trigger Pull – 1 Victim shot (out of 6 recorded gun crimes)
  • compared to August 2022, when we had 6 Trigger Pulls (2 Victims Shot) out of (7 recorded gun crimes)

There were 301 arrests on 393 charges in August including:

  • 13 Assaults
  • 2 Burglary
  • 44 Drugs
  • 3 Robberies

August had 29 drug overdoses with 3 fatalities.

August had 569 motor vehicle crashes compared to August 2022 with 509 crashes.

  • 0 fatalities
  • 93 with injuries
  • 86 leaving the scene
  • 4 DWI related

There were 17 arrests for DWI with 25 charges.

Officers wrote 1844 tickets.

The next 6th Precinct Community Meeting will be held Tuesday October 10th at 10AM at the precinct.

Peter Colli gave a presentation to the Parkdale Civic Association in North Babylon on September 11, 2023. He did a great job speaking about our organization and answering questions from the audience. He gave out brochures and applications. Also present were Mary Colli and Debbie Grayer.