Dear Alumni Members,

Here are the major January 2022 monthly statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on February 3, 2022:

287 arrests;

4 residential and 3 commercial burglaries;

24 stolen cars;

7 robberies;

26 drug overdoses, 6 fatal;

2 shootings, 1 person injured; and

10 DWIs.

A December 23, 2021 murder in Deer Park involved an 85 year old female stabbed to death in a family incident.  An arrest was made.

Assaults and shootings were up 14% in 2021 as compared to 2020.

Suffolk County Police Chief of Department Robert Waring and a representative of the MTA Police were in attendance.

The next meeting at the West Babylon Public Library is March 3, 2022 at 7 PM.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator

The 4th Precinct meeting was held on February 1st at the Smithtown Library.

The meeting was titled “Spotlight on Fentanyl” and was led by Inspector Michael Romagnoli.

The meeting started with Inspector Romagnoli introducing his staff that were in attendance.

Two 4th precinct officers shared with the group how they got started and highlighted some of their experiences with the Suffolk County Police Department.

Inspector Romagnoli then introduced Jason Byron, a member of the emergency medical training unit and 18 year SCPD veteran who gave an in depth and very interesting presentation on opioid abuse and in particular the overwhelming abuse of Fentanyl.

We learned how to identify someone who has severe opioid intoxication (overdose) and how to assist them with the proper administration of Narcan.

The attendees were each given a kit containing Narcan to take home in the event they are ever in a situation where someone needs intervention.

Questions were taken and it was a very informative and educational meeting.

Thanks to Lauri and Bob Murphy

1st Vice President Doug King and Recording Secretary Erin King were in attendance representing the Alumni Association at the 14th Annual Cops Who Care Food Drive on Tuesday, December 21st, 2021. The annual event is a joint effort by Suffolk County Police and New York State Troopers.