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** First meeting since June –

  • 3 shooting in precinct jurisdiction, 2 arrests made, and believed to be very close on third
  • Larceny on vehicles is a problem, “Lock it or lose it” campaign. Catalytic Converters being cut out of cars, began in the industrial areas, but has moved to passenger vehicles. Mostly Honda and Toyota makes. This has become a major concern for all New York Metro Law Enforcement agencies. (Suffolk, Nassau, NYPD, NYST, MTA etc.) The goal is to try to figure out where these exhaust pieces are being sold. It is believed to be out of New York State.

Homelessness is an issue, there is cooperation amongst the MTA, State Troopers, and local agencies to provide assistance for these individuals to improve their situations.

  • Part of this was the campaign to map the “Homeless Spots” and the times where people inhabit certain areas. Dowling College is becoming a concern as it is closed down, and there are a number of squatters there.

Outreach with Schools – Coordination from precinct with school districts to formulate “school safety plans.” Tactics in case of an attack (Couldn’t be revealed in this public setting) There was a push for this ahead of the Jewish Holidays.

128 open alcohol and public urination tickets written, 16 DWI arrests, and other moving violations in Patchogue village events over the course of the summer.

Two checkpoints were established over the summer where several more DWI arrests were made. (Nothing specific mentioned as to where they were or when)

Body Cameras will arrive in the 5th precinct in October. A specific date wasn’t mentioned because of the county issues, it wasn’t exactly known. The cameras auto activate if lights on a police vehicle are activated, or a gun or tazer is drawn.

There will be significant police presence in School Zones. This is because of the beginning of the school year. They weren’t messing around when they were talking about this one. Speed limits were going to be strictly enforced, and there wasn’t going to be courtesy shown.

Thanks to Erich Beck for this report

Dear Alumni Members,

Here are some of the major statistics for the 1st Precinct which held its meeting on September 1, 2022:

2,700 arrests since the beginning of 2022;

30 stolen cars in June 2022;

14 drug overdoses in June 2022;

8 shootings since the beginning of 2022;

4 residential and 3 commercial burglaries in August 2022;

3 search warrants were executed in August 2022,

Stolen cars continue to be a major problem in the Town of Babylon.  As a reminder, be sure to safeguard your car keys and not keep the car running when you exit for a brief period.  Also of concern is the rash of store larcenies in the precinct.

The top summer arrest was on August 18, 2022 at 1 AM in Deer Park.  Four individuals fled from the police and the car flipped over and caught fire.  The driver was pinned against the steering wheel and flames were headed into the passenger compartment.  One of the responding officers of slight build crawled into the vehicle and with the help of his partners were able to pull the man to safety.  The fire caused bullets in possession of the passengers to explode and cause havoc.  The officers in the incident were honored by the Town.

The interesting presentation was made by Inspector Brendan Forte, the 1st Precinct’s new Commanding Officer.  He had more than a dozen officers present to address the concerns of the residents in attendance.  Inspector Forte has replaced former Inspector Kevin Kane who has retired.  

The next meeting at the West Babylon Public Library is October 6, 2022 at 7 PM.  All residents are welcome.


Justin Cooper, 1st Precinct Coordinator

Retired Homicide Det Sgt Bob Doyle with President Kevin O’Hare

Detective Doyle was Executive Officer of Homicide Squad and spoke of homicide cases from his years of service.